SoftLAB Applicable Labs

  • Electro-Technical Lab
  • Energy Lab
  • Temperature Lab
  • Pressure Lab
  • Flow Lab
  • RF Lab

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ICalSys - ETC

ICalSys - Energy


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P-SQR Tecknologies has vibrant knowledge in calibration software package development. 

SoftLAB is designed to do calibration easier, faster, accurate and automatically generate calibration report hence to eliminate man hours, complex calculations and report writing.

Software supports all type of communication interface standards such as RS232 / RS485 / IEEE and provides facility to add new standard/DUC instrument library. SoftLAB can be adopted for various types of instruments like electronic, electrical, temperature, pressure and optical measurement devices.

                                         SoftLAB Calibration Lab Software Features:
  • Password protected
  • Powerful GUI
  • Easy Work Instructions (Calibration Procedure) Download
  • Automatic Uncertainty Calculations
  • Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual Calibration
  • Before, After Calibration Readings and Reports
  • Device History Maintenance
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Customised Excel Report Format
  • Export, Backup and Restore Data
  • Statistical Reports
  • Automatic Calibration Reminder


    SoftLAB - 8.0.0 - Enterprise Edition

SoftLAB 8.0.0 - Enterprise Edition

                   SoftLAB - WebSoftLAB - 8.0.0 - Enterprise Edition

                    SoftLAB - ETC

SoftLAB - ETC for Electro - Technical Calibration Lab

                   SoftLAB - Energy

SoftLAB - Energy for Energy Calibration Lab


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