SoftLAB - Uni  is designed dedicatedly to requested customers for their calibrators.

SoftLAB - Uni supports all type of communication interface standards such as RS232 / RS485 / IEEE and provides facility to add new standard/DUC instrument library. SoftLAB can be adopted for various types of instruments like electronic, electrical, temperature, pressure and optical measurement devices.

SoftLAB - Uni provides accurate, consistent and faster calibration process which in turn greatly reduces man hours and produces more calibration throughputs.

  • Password protected
  • Powerful GUI
  • Automatic Uncertainty Calculations
  • Automatic, Semi Automatic and Manual Calibration
  • Before, After Calibration Readings and Reports
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Customised Report Formats
  • Statistical Reports
  • Automatic Calibration Reminder

Applicable Areas:

  • STQC Labs
  • NABL Labs
  • Calibration Centers
  • Process Industries