Temperature Dataloggers:

  • Poseidon
  • HWg-Ares 12
Electrical Dataloggers:
  • Pico
  • Fluke

Application Areas

  • Process Industries
  • Petrochemical Plants

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Temperature and Electrical Dataloggers


P-SQR Tekcnologies provides data logging solutions for various process industries with latest technology. Temperature and electrical dataloggers are used broadly in process industries. GSM based dataloggers nowadays plays a vital role in remote monitoring system. 

P-SQR also provides solutions for "Server Room Temperature Monitoring System".

Remote environment monitoring sytems measures temparature, humidity, Smote, flood detection, water leak detection, door open close status,etc.

HWg-Ares 12 – GSM /GPRS THERMOMETER WITH EMAIL & SMS ALARMS is a remote environment monitoring solution that can be used at any place with GSM coverage. Contains a battery for several hours of backup. Alerts to power failures by email or SMS (up to 5 phone numbers). HWg-Ares collects and records data from connected sensors. Stored values can be sent to any system. Values outside of a specified range trigger an e-mail (over GPRS) or a text message (SMS) to multiple recipients

Poseidon 3268 -  WEB thermometer & I/O with SNMP -  Ethernet temperature / humidity monitoring with 2 relay outputs and 4 dry contact inputs (Web, SNMP, and E-mail). Output relays can be controlled over the Web.  Poseidon model 3268 can notice operator of crisis situation in various method (switched on/switched off contact, temperature or humidity out of set range).  When a Alarm occurs, the device sends you Email and notice Your NMS (Network Management Software) over SNMP. Configuration and current values over graphic WWW interface, 2 relay outputs to control external devices,  4 inputs to connect contact, You can connect up to 4 temperature or humidity sensors. Typical use:  Switch contact to send email or SNMP Trap to several recipients. Turn on external buzzer and notify an operator after temperature gets out of preset range.

If necessary P-SQR provides customized software package for the required dataloggers

As per the specifications required P-SQR will suggest and supply suitable dataloggers for your application need.

For quote, kindly send your required specification to sales@psqr.in or fill the contact form available in contact us page and submit it.