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Other Automation Products

Automatic Time Keeper

Automatic Time Keeper / Automatic School Bell / Automatic Siren System / School Bell Automation

Automatic Time Keeper is designed to automate electric gong bell or siren activation for specified time. This device greatly helps to  the institutions to eliminate manual time keeping system.

ATK removes worries regarding attendars presence for ringing the bell or siren. ATK simply follows time period specified in it by the user and activates 230V AC supply to connected Gong bell or siren for the specified duration and then deactivated.

Regular & Exam Alarm modes are available in ATK. Emergency alarm switch also available for immediate activation of bell or siren.


  • Easy Operation with four keys
  • 25 programmable alarm times
  • Each alarm can be enabled or disabled                                                   ! Timely Alerts !
  • Each alarm duration can be varied (Max. 60 sec)                                For Schools & Colleges
  • Real Time Clock with battery backup for one year
  • Weekly and other holidays can be configured
  • Secured alarm settings with password authentication
  • Easy software interface with AT50
Technical Specification
AT50 Output - 230 VAC/1A Relay
Power Supply - 230 VAC/50 Hz
Connected to - Electric Gong Bell, Siren
Display - LCD Display
No. of Alarms - Regular - 25 Alarms; Exam – 25 Alarms
Additional Feature - Emergency Time Bypass Switch
Key Entry - Membrane Keypad with 4 Keys
Software Interface - ATK Software – RS232 Serial Interface
Dimension - 120(W) X 80 (H) X 30 (D)