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AutoPAS - Automatic Programmable Alarm & Announcement System

AutoPAS is an software tool which activates Audio output for the specified time. It completely eliminates gong bell and siren system which produces repeated maintenace cost. AutoPAS simply uses the audio amplfier system which will be commonly available in institutions and other areas for announcements. User can able to record announcements with their own voice and save it into AutoPAS. User can append the announcement file and play automatically for the specified date and time. 


  • Configurable for most windows operating system
  • No limitations for Alarms and Announcements
  • Supports major audio file formats
  • User Authenticated Security
  • Cost Effective and Easy Installation
  • Pre - configurable  alarm alert bell sounds
  • Simultaneously tracks each alert & announcement reminders
  • For each alert user can attach an announcement file
  • Built-in feature for recording your own voice announcements
  • Emergency time  alert and announcement also available


AutoPAS - Screenshots