• IT applications;
  • Server Rooms;
  • Security & Energy;
  • Industrial Applications.

Remote monitoring in IT :                             Device can monitor power supply, door contacts, temperature and humidity, sensors and other sensors.

Temperature measurement in refrigerators and freezers:                        Monitors storage conditions. Application software then allows creating HACCP protocols.

Industrial sensors:  Remote monitoring of connected door contacts, 0-10V and 4-20mA sensors and Pt-100 or Pt-1000 probes.

 CCTV systems:  Sensor values and detectors states can be connected to IP camera systems from several manufacturers.

 Air condition monitoring: Detects air conditioning outages, power supply outages, refrigerant leaks and temperature spikes.

P-SQR Tecknologies provides solutions for Remote Environment Monitoring System (REMS). HW Group from Czech Republic Manufacturing remote monitoring devices with latest technology solutions. They are pioneer in remote monitoring system. We are marketing their products all over India for various IT Companies, Industries. 

P-SQR Tecknologies India brings new combination of high functionality, proven, cost-effective IP Based sensors for protecting infrastructure & valuable assets. We deliver remote monitoring & control solutions for M2M.

HWg Monitoring Products:

Temperature HWg-STEHWg-STE plus      
Humidity HWg-STEHWg-STE plus      
DI (Digital Inputs) Poseidon  
HWg-STE plus      
I/O Controller          
DO (Digital Outputs) Damocles    
I/O Controller          
PING monitor IP WatchDog2 Lite 
IP WatchDog Industrial
Water Leak detection HWg-WLD    
Poseidon + Sensors  
Ares12 + Sensors        
4-20 mA 0-10V measuremet Poseidon + Sensors    
SMS alerts Poseidon 2250/4002 + gsm modem  
HWg-SMS-GW + other devices      
Energy metering HWg-PWR + M-Bus meter      


HWg-Ares12: GSM Thermometer with datalogger, E-mail (GPRS) and SMS alerts

HWg-Ares12 is a remote environment monitoring solution that can be used at any place with GSM coverage. Contains a battery for several hours of backup. Alerts to power failures by email or SMS (up to 5 phone numbers). Data can be read into HWg-PDMS (free software), connected to a Web portal or to a SCADA/NMS system..

  • Internal battery
  • Data logger
  • Remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)
  • All HWg 1-Wire UNI sensors supported
  • Many software options SW (HWg-PDMS, Nagios, SCADA)

HWg-STE plus: Ethernet thermometer with Digital Inputs

WEB-based temperature and humidity measurement with two Digital Inputs for dry contacts, SNMP and WEB interfaces.


  • WEB interface, Graph, SNMP and online portal supported
  • 2 DI (Digital Inputs) for Dry Contact
  • Up to 2 external Temperature or Humidity sensors
  • Alerts by Email when sensor value out of the limits or when contact is closed

HWg-STE: Ethernet thermometer

HWg-STE is an Ethernet thermometer (hygrometer) with SNMP and WEB interfaces.


  • WEB interface, Graph, SNMP
  • Up to 2 external Temperature or Humidity sensors
  • Alerts by Email when value out of the limits

>> HWg-STE PoE: Power Over Ethernet version

Damocles xxxx - Matrix model overview

Remote digital inputs and outputs controlled over the network.


  • Various models: Digital Inputs / Digital Outputs (Relays)
  • SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML, Email
  • Relay output for the Box-2-Box mode

HWg-PWR 3 / 12 / 25: Smart M-Bus to Ethernet gateway (SNMP, WEB)

HWg-PWR is a smart Ethernet gateway for remote energy metering and consumption monitoring. To measure the consumption of water, electricity and other energies, external meters with the M-Bus interface are used.

  • Reading data from up to 25 external M-Bus meaters (EN 13757-2)
  • M2M protocols: SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML, Email, Syslog
  • Graph interface & Email alert per value
  • M-Bus auto-search
  • M-Bus meters powered by HWg-PWR
  • Power input 110/230V AC

HWg-WLD: Water leak detector

HWg-WLD is a network-enabled water leak detector with a water-absorbing sensing cable.

  • WEB interface, SNMP
  • Water leak sensing cable up to 85m
  • Alerts by Email / SNMP Trap
  • Remote relay supported (relay output control over the LAN)
  • PoE Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) version available

Poseidon xxxx - Matrix model overview

Scalable IP sensors for remote monitoring applications.

      • Various models: Sensors / DI & DO (Relays)
      • Up to 42 sensors to one unit
      • Sensors for: Temperature, Humidity, Doors detector, Flood, Current, Voltage, Power consumption, Smoke
      • SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML, Email
      • Logger to internal Flash
      • Sending SMS via external GSM modem


Temperature, humidity, voltage, AC current, air-flow, flood, smoke, power presence detection, water leak detection, open door detector, air flow, entry to the room

IP WatchDog2 family

Autonomous monitoring of device outages with relay restart. Device monitored by PING, WWW pages or RS-232). 

Detects LAN device outage or unresponsiveness (routers, IP cameras, WiFi AP, etc..) . Monitors device availability over LAN (PING/WEB) or serial line (RS-232). In case of outage, restarts or reboot the device automatically without human intervention. Two relay outputs for local restart.

  • Device in 2 versions:
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Email / SMS alerts
  • Up to 10 devices can be monitored
  • 5 methods of detecting device availability
  • SNMP interface
  • Data logger for 200 records
  • Can be connected to the portal
  • External GSM modem / SMS-GW

HWg-SMS-GW3HWg-SMS-GW2: GSM gateway for sending SMS alarms from other products

HWg-SMS-GW is a gateway that enables HW group products to send text message alarms. Send SMS alarms from all HW group products in your LAN. No software needed, works over a LAN at the Box-2-Box (Peer-to-Peer) level. Save administration costs and effort – use only a single SIM for all your devices.

  • Use just a single SIM to send SMS alerts from all HW group products
  • No software needed 
    Text message alarm can be sent directly from individual HW group devices in the LAN using the Box-2-Box (Peer-to-Peer) mode
  • HWg-Trigger sends SMS alerts in case of failure of any HW group device in the network


HWg IP Serial Products:

IO Controller2 IP Relay ER02b PortBox2 PortStore5
Photo / link
DI (Digital Inputs) 8 2 - -
DO (Digital Outputs) 8
(Open colectors)
(Relays 110/230V)
- -
Serial port (RS-232) RS-232
(9 pins)
(9 pins)
(9 pins)
(9 pins)
RS-485 (serial port)
Buffer for Rx serial data - - -
Modbus/TCP (I/O control) - -
Configuration Web + Telnet Web + Telnet Web + Telnet Web + Telnet
Virtual Serial Port for MS Windows Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
VSP application HW VSP Single/Multiport: Windows application that provides a remote serial port connected over IP
Setup utilities Hercules utility: Debugging, IP assignment, testing of inputs and outputs
CMD control HWg IPRC cmd: Command-line control of relay outputs
Programming examples HW SDK: Examples of using the products in various programming languages


I/O controller 2

Serial port to Ethernet + I/O pins in one box. Control remote DI/DO & RS-232/485 over Telnet.


  • 8 DO (Digital Outputs )
  • 8 DI (Digital Inputs)
  • RS-232/485 (remote serial port)
  • DIN rail housing available
  • Modbus/TCP to control I/O
  • Windows Virtual Serial Port available

IP Relay

Remote serial RS-232/485 port with 2 relays for 230V AC, DIN rail mountable housing. Simply control serial port and two relays through Telnet.
  • 2 DO (relay rated at 110 or 230V/16A)
  • RS-232/485 (remote serial port)
  • Can be used as a remote serial port with additional relay outputs
  • TCP Client/Server mode
  • Windows Virtual Serial Port available

IP WatchDog WR02a

Monitors the functionality of a device over IP (PING/WEB) or serial line (RS-232), automatically restarts it upon failure. Web watchdog monitors two independent channels. Industrial version.


  • 2 channels / 2x 110/230V / 16A relay
  • Methods of detecting functionality
    • ICMP PING (transmit / receive)
    • Request for a Web page (requesting / waiting for a request)
    • RS-232 (waiting for a specific sequence of characters)


Full RS-232 serial port to Ethernet with logging. Simply Terminal server with flash backup for Rx serial data.

  • Incomming serial data buffered up to 4 Mb when network not available
  • Can replace or be used in paralel with current serial printer
  • Full RS-232 serial port (9 pins)
  • RS-485 supported (remote serial port)
  • Windows Virtual Serial Port available


Converts a RS-232 or RS-485 line to Ethernet, using TCP/IP and UDP/IP. Full remote serial port can be mapped as COM7 in Windows using the HW VSP (Virtual Serial Port) utility.


  • Full RS-232 serial port (9 pins)
  • RS-485 supported (remote serial port)
  • Support 9-bit data transfer extensions
  • TCP Client/Server mode
  • Windows Virtual Serial Port available