Salient Features:

  • GSM/GPRS : Quad-Band 850/900 / 1800/1900 MHz - SMA antenna connector.
  • Configuration: Over USB, configuration utility on a “Mass storage” drive, no need to install.
  • Sensors: 2xRJ11 for 1-Wire UNI
  • HWg-Ares12: Supports 3 sensors.
  • HWg-Ares14: Supports 14 sensors.
  • Diagnostics: External power detection, battery status [%].
  • larm alerts : Email, HWg-Push, SMS.
  • Supported software
HWg-PDMS: Logging, export to MS Excel, reports.
HWg-Push Nagios plugin. public online


Ares12 / 14: GSM Thermometer with E-mail (GPRS) and SMS alerts

Ares12 and 14 is a remote environment monitoring solution that can be used at any place with GSM coverage. Contains a battery for several hours of backup. Alerts to power failures by email or SMS (up to 5 phone numbers). Data can be read into HWg-PDMS (free software), connected to a Web portal or to a SCADA/NMS system


            Ares collects and records data from connected sensors. Stored values can be sent to any system. Values outside of a specified range trigger an e-mail (over GPRS) or a text message (SMS) to multiple recipients.

            Ares12 differs from HWg-Ares14 in the number of supported 1-Wire UNI sensors. Both versions include two digital (dry contact) inputs and support temperature, humidity, illumination, voltage and other 1-Wire UNI sensors.

            Measured data can be natively imported into HWg-PDMS, a Windows application. Data can be sent directly to a server, or attached to a periodic e-mail report. 

  • Internal battery can supply power to HWg-Ares12 and its connected sensors for several hours.
  • Comfortable configuration over USB simplifies installation of the unit.
  • Remote firmware upgrade (FOTA) capability simplifies management of large-scale installations with hundreds of devices.
  • The “HWg-Ares12 Tset” quick start set contains a temperature sensor, an universal power adapter and an external antenna.
  • Whenever a power outage or a sensor value outside of a specified range is detected, Ares12 rings a specified number and sends a customizable e-mail or text message.
  • HWg-Ares is ready for data transfer over IP (GPRS) to third-party systems.
    • Ares12 cooperates with the SensDesk web portal.
    • A special driver is needed for connecting to a NMS. 
      HW group is working on a “HWg-Push driver for Nagios” to connect LAN and GSM sensors.

Applications and usage examples

  • GPRS monitoring of a server room without connecting to the local LAN
  • Diesel generators – environment and status monitoring
  • Back-up power supply systems
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) environment monitoring
  • Cooling systems and coolers
  • Antennas and microwave links
  • Technology along roads, highways, or railroad tracks
  • Road surface or railroad track temperature and status
  • Temperature and displacement of structures
  • Storages of food or materials
  • Art exhibits and depositories
  • Agricultural production premises (greenhouses, granaries, etc.)
  • Electricity distribution networks (transformer stations, lines)
  • Water source monitoring, including technical equipment status
  • Monitoring of appliances with consumable, refillable content (vending machines for coffee, sandwiches or drinks, massage chairs, ...)

Ares: Environment monitoring over GSM/GPRS

      • HWg-Ares is a telemetry device suitable for integration with third-party central/portal solutions.
      • With the HWg-PDMS software, Ares can offer an instantly usable data collection solution.
        Data outputs include logs+MS Excel analysis or a XML database.
      • Data collection over GSM with Ares can be combined with other IP sensors by HW group (Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE, HWg-PWR, and more).
      • Ares supports the same RJ11 sensors as the Poseidon family.
      •  SMS notification of up to 5 recipients is advantageous for simple applications. 
        Text messages can be customized with macros.
      • Sensor or device status can be requested by texting or calling the device.
      • Configuration software needs no installation. Simply run the Windows application from the USB drive that appears after connecting Ares to an USB port.
        • The internal battery enables alerting to failed/restored power supply. Suitable for monitoring UPS and back-up generators.
        • Roaming functions reduce data costs outside of the home GSM network. Suitable for automotive or marine applications.


Data collection over e-mail

Data collection over HWg-Push to the SensDesk portal

Remote telco site monitoring

PDMS – Monitoring software

PDMS: Excel reportsHWg-PDMS periodically collects input states and sensor values from Ares units connected over GSM/GPRS and other Poseidon, Damocles and HWg-STE units connected over IP. Measured data are periodically stored into a database and exported as MS Excel reports.

        • Registered version is free of charge for three sensors.
        • Data are collected over IP (using http and the device IP address / by e-mail)
        • Data collection runs in the background as a Windows service
        • Graphical overview of the collected data
        • Simple export to MS Excel (runs periodically in the background)


How to connect Ares to PDMS

      • 1) E-MAIL: Through the email interface. Ares sends e-mails to a dedicated mailbox, PDMS periodically downloads them from there. 
        PDMS processes e-mails with attached LOG files as well as alert messages.
      • 2) HWg-Push: HWg-PDMS is installed on a server with a public IP address. Ares periodically sends data from connected sensors over HTTP.