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HWg-SMS-GW3: GSM gateway for text messages (SMS) 

HWg-SMS-GW3 is a SMS gateway for sending text message alarms over a LAN. Send SMS alarms from other HW group products and software through a single gateway and a single SIM. No software needed, works over a LAN at the Box-2-Box level. 

            HW group devices and software tools use HWg-SMS-GW to send text messages (SMS, cell messages). The message recipient's phone number is always configured in the LAN device or software that sends the alarm.

            By using just one SIM card, users of our Ethernet SMS gateway – the HWg-SMS-GW – avoid complicated management. Unlike “SMS by e-mail” solutions, the product does not depend on Internet connectivity to send cell message alerts.

            In addition to sending a SMS alert, the HW group SMS gateway can alert the recipient by dialing a call to the same number and letting it ring for a short time.

HWg-Trigger and HWg-DCD applications, as well as the online portal, also support HWg-SMS-GW. 
There is a plug-in available for Nagios SMS alerts.

Practical tipWe recommend to avoid pre-paid SIMs, and instead use a regular post-paid plan.

  • Use just a single SIM card to send SMS alerts from all HW group products.
  • No software needed
    The sending device sends the text message directly through the SMS GW (Box-2-Box) over the LAN.
  • Connect the SMS-GW to your account to send alarm messages.


  • Web-based configuration.
  • No software is needed to run anywhere in order to send text messages. 
    Box-2-Box mode allows two devices (e.g. a Poseidon2 and the SMS GW) to communicate over the LAN.
  • Message recipient's phone number is configured in the sending device. One HWg-SMS-GW text message gateway can send SMS alarms to dozens of different recipients.
  • SMS gateway supports a “SMS + Ring” function that dials a call to the alarm message recipient's number and lets the phone ring for a short time.
  • With an external antenna, the device can be used even at places with poor GSM coverage (data center).
  • Quad-Band GSM modem works with GSM coverage anywhere in the world.
  • Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual C, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more).

Sending SMS alerts from Poseidon units over the LAN

      • Poseidon2 4002 sends an alarm message about a sensor value to Mr. Blue's phone number.
      • Using the Box-2-Box mode, it connects directly to the HWg GSM gateway (no software is needed).
      • HWg-SMS-GW contains a SIM card and sends cell message alerts on behalf of all devices in the network.
      • Message recipients' phone numbers (Mr. Purple, Mr. Green, ...) are configured in the sending device.
      • Together with the text message, it is also possible to call the recipient and let the phone ring for a short time (configured in the sending device).


HWg-Trigger: Monitoring software with SMS alarms over SMS GW

      • HWg-Trigger, an application for MS Windows, monitors the function of other products (Poseidon2 3266, HWg-STE Push, Damocles 1208, Poseidon 4002) over the LAN.
      • If a product is inaccessible or fails, a SMS alert is sent using HWg-SMS-GW in the same LAN.
      • Recipients' phone numbers (Mr. Purple, Mr. Green) are configured in HWg-Trigger.
      • HWg-SMS-GW contains a SIM card and sends text message alarms to different phone numbers.


Alerts to events: HWg-Trigger

HWg-Trigger software allows reacting to events. For instance, “If the device at the address X does not work, do Y”. The software runs on Windows in the background and keeps checking the configured conditions.

      • Monitors IP sensors in the LAN: sends a SMS if a sensor is disconnected
      • Monitors IP sensors in the LAN: sends a SMS in case of device failure
      • Monitors IP sensors in the LAN: sends a SMS in case of sensor value out of Safe Range
      • 30-day trial version is free of charge
      • Runs in the background as a Windows service (NT service)


Nagios SMS alerts

      • Nagios NMS monitors other devices using SNMP.
      • In the Nagios system, a plugin enables SMS alerts over HWg-SMS-GW gateway.
      • The plugin configuration includes the phone numbers of text message alert recipients.
      • For details about obtaining and using the Nagios plugin, see the product manual.
      • The plugin was created in cooperation with Netways (MonitoringExchange:

SMS alerts from the online portal

    • LAN and GSM sensors (HWg-STE Push and Ares 12) send data to the online portal.
    • Your user account includes the IP address or DNS name of your HWg-SMS-GW (must be accessible at a public IP address).
    • The configuration of each sensor in your SensDesk account can include a phone number for alarm messages.
    • Note:
      Ares 12 sends the alert to an out-of-range sensor value faster than the SensDesk portal; however, SensDesk allows to monitor and configure all alarms over the Web at a single place. In addition, SensDesk also monitors the network connectivity of Ares units, so it can for instance alert to an Ares unit's network connection failure.



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